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"The small gray house behind the Jamesburg Fire Department was the home of Mrs. Matthews who ran the Star Theatre. My mother and I can both vouch for the fact that the telephone operators were one block up on the corner of Grand and Gatzmer. The house number is probably 209 Gatzmer Avenue as Jamesburg school teacher Edith Kerwin and her family lived at 207 Gatzmer, the next house (traveling down Gatzmer toward the Presbyterian Church). My mother, Elizabeth Zelasko, was one of the telephone operators. She worked a split shift; you can only say "Number, please" so many times a day before you needed real time off. Whenever the light lit up on the switchboard for her house, the other operators let my mother answer it as they knew it was one of us, her children, needing to speak with our mother. We had been strictly schooled to only call her in a true emergency." - Linda Linke

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