The Jamesburg High School Alumni Association
JHS Picture Presentation

Grace M. Breckwedel Middle School, Jamesburg: Thursday, June 12, 2003

      Members of the Jamesburg High School Alumni Association attended the June 12, 2003 meeting of the Jamesburg Board of Education to present the Board with a copy of the Association’s pictorial history of Jamesburg High School composite photograph. The presentation on behalf of the JHSAA was made by Association Present Tom Dey ‘68 and Ron Becker ‘63, who designed the composite. Mr. Donald Peterson, Board of Education President, accepted the photograph on behalf of the entire Board. The photograph, as well as a brief history of Jamesburg High School, will hang in the media center of the Grace M. Breckwedel School. The media center is located on the site of the original Jamesburg High School. Besides Tom and Ron, the Association was represented by Janet Wysocki Donnelly ‘65, Gerry Schnur ‘65, Michele Garace Harris ‘65, Diana Eisenbauch Vitale ‘73 and Pat Butch Larkin ‘73.

Ron Becker '63, talks about the picture. Ron Becker '63, relates the history of Jamesburg High School.

The picture is officially given to the Board of Education President, Don Peterson. About to shake hands.

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