Jamesburg Historic Business Inventory

Business Name Location Phone Owner Approx Dates of Existence
A. B. Hausser The General Grocer Corner of Vine Street and Railroad Avenue 6-J A. B. Hausser 1913
A. Chilton, Freight Carting Stockton Street 1913
A. Dughi, dealer in Fruits, Confectionery, Nuts, Cigars, and Tobacco Railroad Avenue 36-J 1913
A. Sell's 5 & 10 Cent Store 104 1945
A. W. Conover Electric Company Railroad Avenue 51 1926
Adam Kullmar, Barber West Railroad Avenue Adam Kullmar 1896-1913?
Albert Kienzle, Heating Buckelew Avenue Albert Kienzle 1896
Allied Appliance Co. East Railroad Avenue 52 1945
American Stores Co. East Railroad Avenue 1926
Angelo's Barber Shop Railroad Avenue
B. Casser & Co., Flour, Grain, Hay, Feed 1913
B. D. Davison Lumber Yard Gatzmer Avenue 12 1892-1923
Bill's 301 Ranch Buckelew Avenue 1945
Bohinski's Market E. Railroad Avenue 1-0074 1948
Brookcrest Farm 267 E. Gerner and G. M. Seaton, Prop. 1945
Brower's Bakery Railroad Avenue 1913
Busco Bros. Metered Fuel Oils, Kerosene, Gasoline, and Motor Oils 145 Buckelew Avenue 1-0248 1945-present
C. A. Linke, Wells Dug & Cleaned Forsgate Drive 1-0324-M 1948
C. H. Horlos, Ranges Stoves, and Heaters; Plumbing, Heating, and Tinning Buckelew Avenue 31-M 1913
C. M. Davison, General Store Lower Jamesburg 1898
C. Pellino, Custom Tailor W. Railroad Avenue 1948
Carl Neeff, Florist Buckelew Avenue 1913
Central Cigar Store Next to Post Office Wm. S. Hankins, Prop. 1913
Chamberlin & Barclay, Dealers in Hay, Straw, Grain, Potatoes, Etc. 1913
Clarence W. Patten, Taxi, Cars for Hire Corner of Railroad Avenue and Church Street 103 1925
Colletti's Barber Shop W. Railroad Avenue 1948
Collins Bros. Texaco Service, Western Auto Associate Store Gatzmer Avenue 1-0003 1948-1952
Condit M. Davison, Insurance and Real Estate Corner of West Church Street and Gatzmer Avenue Condit M. Davison 1913
Cornelius Mount, Market Willow Street 1881-1898?
Cottrell Printing Co.  Front Street 1948
D. Rhodes & Bro., Carpenter and Builder 16-F-5
Daniel M. Clark, Jeweler 9, 1-0200 1909-1947?
Davies Florist 111 Buckelew Avenue 1-0228 1948-present
DeLuxe Cleaners W. Railroad Avenue 1-0421 1948
Di Gangi's Market W. Railroad Avenue 1-0060 J. Di Gangi 1945-1951
Downs & Finch Shirt Factory West Railroad Avenue 1871-1889
Dr. Edward C. Galsgie, Health Home Buckelew Avenue 1913
Dr. Lawrence M. Lief Gatzmer Avenue 1945
E. S. Hammell, Printer, Jamesburg Record W. Railroad Avenue E. S. Hammell 1892
E. Snedeker, Butcher Stockton Street E. Snedeker 1892
E. W. Snedeker, Carpenter Corner of Railroad Avenue and Vine Street 1895
Eddie and Johnnie Gulf Service Lincoln Avenue  1-9857 1951
Edward Dock, Jamesburg Livery
Edward J. Clinton & Son, Contractors of Painting, Decorating, Sign and Scenery Work P. O. Box 426 18-M
Edward Warshany, Painting & Paper Hanging Sedgwick Street 1-0144M 1948
Elias S. Bennett, Jr., Fish, Oysters, and Clams in Season Lower Jamesburg 15-M 1913
Elias Z. Bennett, dealer in electric, telegraph, telephone poles, oak piling 15-M 1913
F. C. Borden, Jr., Real Estate and Insurance Hausser Building 1913
F. H. Pownall, Hay, Straw, and Grain Frank H. Pownall 1892
F. W. Eulner, Wholesale Butcher, Drover, and Shipper Augusta Street 1895
Frank H. Pownall Iron Works 1913
Frank Herche, Custom Taylor P.O. Box 83 1913
Frank Jennings, Slate Roofer Corner of E. Railroad Avenue and Augusta Street Frank Jennings 1892
Frank Paul's Bar Hooker Street 1-0080 1945-1948
Frank Paul's New Bar E. Railroad Avenue 1-0080 1951
Frank Richiusa, First Class Barber East Railroad Avenue, Between Augusta and Vine Streets 1913
Frank's Café Gatzmer Avenue 1-0280 1948-present
Fred Greismans Grocery 1913
Fred Nodocker, Fine Groceries, Confections, Fruits, Tobacco, and Cigars Buckelew Avenue Fred Nodocker
Gabriel & Christie's Garage Corner of Railroad Avenue and Hooker Street 126 1945
Geo. McD. Mount & Son, Wheelwrights and Blacksmiths Upper Jamesburg Formally Chas. S. Brown 1895
George F. Willan, Plumbing & Heating Contractor Buckelew Avenue 1-0495 1948
George M. Davison, Mason and Contractor P.O. Box 41 1913
George Simonson, Manufacturer of Light and Heavy Carriages and Wagons Corner of Willow Street and Gatzmer Avenue 1898
Gilbert D. Soden, Contracting Mason Willow Street Gilbert D. Soden 1896
Giuseppe Craparotta, Butcher Lincoln Avenue 1913
Grace Ann Beauty Shoppe 1-0201 1948
Gray Block Co. W. Railroad Avenue 1-0580 1952
Gray-Rock Block Company W. Railroad Avenue 1-0580 1951
H. A. Edwards, Agent for Oliver Typewriters 7-R 1913
H. D. Maze Department Store (Formerly J. Mazursky) 55 Railroad Avenue 1-0204 H. D. Maze 1947
H. D. Zandt, M. D. Railroad Avenue, above Church Street H. D. Zandt 1892
H. G. Harpootlian & Son, Department Store West Railroad Avenue 222 1945
Harry E. Heckman, Groceries, Fruits, and Vegetables Lincoln Avenue 1913
Harry Gildar's Paradise Club 1-0206 1951
Harry L. Hubbs, Plumbing, Steam, and Hot Water Heating Gatzmer Avenue 111 1925-1926
Henry J. Dobenski, Ice 6 1945
Henry Wetzel & Sons, Distributors of Vitality Feeds 1945
Horace Brown, Wheelwrighting, Blacksmithing 1898
Hutchinson and Matlack: Coal, bull brand feeds, hay, dexter cement, plaster, roofing, etc. 138 1926
Ideal Frocks Railroad Avenue
Intravartolo's Market E. Railroad Avenue 1-0178 1923-early 1990s
J. & J. Service Station, Inc. Gatzmer Avenue 1-0376 James Tilton, John Labanak 1948
J. C. Magee & Son, Lumber, Coal, Furniture Upper Jamesburg Joseph C. Magee 1892
J. C. Magee, Agent for Farmers' Mutual of Salem County, N.J. Railroad Avenue Joseph C. Magee 1898
J. E. Marryott, Commissioner of Deeds and Notary Public 1913
J. L. Hulse, Monuments & Markers
J. L. Suydam, A. M., M.D. Church Street J. L. Suydam 1896
J. P. Coffey, Pumbing, Tinning, Heating 1913
J. R. Wilson and Son, Ice Dealers 50 J. R. Wilson 1926
James Emens, Carpenter and Builder Upper Jamesburg 1898
Jamesburg Battery Shop 1945
Jamesburg Bee Hive and General Store Corner of Railroad and Buckelew Avenues 1898
Jamesburg Cornet Band J. M. Owens, Director 1913
Jamesburg Drug Store Edith C. Schwartz, Ph. C. 1926
Jamesburg Electric Company Joseph W. Pharo 1913
Jamesburg Hardware Co. Gatzmer Avenue 12, 1-0012 Clayton Family 1925-present
Jamesburg Home Bakery J. Messner, Prop. 1926
Jamesburg Hotel Gatzmer Avenue 28-W Alex Ballantyne, Prop. 1913
Jamesburg Laundry Corner of Railroad Avenue and Buckelew Ave (Forsgate) Mrs. John Monahan 1896
Jamesburg Market F. W. Eulner, Prop. 1898
Jamesburg Mens Shop 4 Hooker Street 1-0351M 1948
Jamesburg Men's Shop Hooker Street Anthony Collura 1947
Jamesburg Press 1951
Jamesburg Shirt Factory West Railroad Avenue William C. Crosby early 1900-1913
Jamesburg Shoe Company, Inc. 1913
Jamesburg Steam Laundry Corner of Forsgate Drive and West Railroad Avenue John Monahan, Prop. 1913
Jamesburg Sweet Shop W. Railroad Avenue 1-0782 Pete and Larry Collura, Prop. 1945-1952
Jamesburg Used Car Center Buckelew Avenue 1-0441 J. E. Smith, N. Collura 1951
Jamesburg Water Company Joseph W. Pharo 1913
Jamesburg Wine & Liquor Store 49A East Railroad Avenue 1-0118 David B. Metz, Prop. 1945-1951
Jaques & Harlos, Dealers in Bicycles Buckelew Avenue, below the bank 1895
Jaques' Drug Store Railroad Avenue, Post Office Building 1892-1896?
Jennie A. Elliott, Milliner Railroad Avenue Jennie A. Elliott 1892
John B. Soden, Contractor and Builder John B. Soden 1913
John Brognard, Wheelwrighting, Blacksmithing Stockton Street 1898
John Dingfeld, Horseshoeing and General Blacksmithing Near Foundry, Jamesburg John Dingfeld 1913
John Erhart, Men's Shoes, Groceries, and Provisons Sherman Street John Erhart 1892-1913
John H. Herche & Rowland D. Oliver, General Insurance 1-0212, 1-0034 1951
John H. Herche, Insurance Railroad Avenue 1-0212 John H. Herche 1945-1948
John. P. Kirkpatrick, Counsellor-at-Law 1913
Joseph Baumgartner, Pumbing, Tinning, Heating, and Gas Fitting 8-M 1913-1925
Joseph H. Scranton for Forsgate Farms Dairy Products 1-0224 1951
Kerr Chickeries, Inc. Lake Street 65 C. A. Miller, Manager 1945
Kerr's Butter Scotch Buckelew Avenue 1945-1948
Kip's Liquor Store 1-0211 1948
Koblenzer & Dazien Shirt Factory West Railroad Avenue 1889-July 1901
L. R. Cheespman, Photo-Artist L. R. Cheespman 1892
L. T. Bennett & Son People's Public Market Railroad Avenue Ernest Bennett, Manager 1913
L. T. Bennett General Store Gatzmer Avenue 1913
Lake Diner, The Forsgate Drive 287 1945
Lakeside Diner and Grocery Forsgate Drive 1-0287, 1-0497 1948
Lange's Hall Hooker Street, P.O. Box 134 Otto Lange 1913
Lange's Ice Cream Parlor Railroad Avenue 29 A. E. Lange 1913-1926?
Larry Intravartola, Plumbing & Heating 1-0176 1948
Leon & Eddie's Sunoco Service Lincoln Avenue  1-9857 1951
Lewis Goldstein, D.D.S. W. Railroad Avenue 1-0294 1948
Liberty Theatre 1913
M & N Contractors 37 Forge Street 1-0472 1951
M. Jorgoran, Painting, Decorating, and Paper Hanging Gatzmer Avenue M. Jorgoran 1926
M. W. Construction Co. Grand Street 1-0286 1948
Marisi's Grocery E. Railroad Avenue 1-0399M 1947?-1951?
Matlin Cleaners 16-18 Willow Street 1-0329 1948
Mazursky's Department Store 1-0204 H. D. Maze, Manager 1948
Mc Carty's Dairy, Dealers in Forsgate Farms Products Gatzmer Avenue 1-0067 1951
Michael D. Santoro, Custom made boots and shoes West Railroad Avenue, near Post Office 1913
Monroe Wikoff Grain Elevator Company West Railroad Avenue 6L 1913
Mounts Grocery Railroad Avenue and Hooker Street 74 1945
Mrs. William H. Brooks, Insurance 1-0033 1951
Nap's Bar and Grill Forsgate Drive  1-9853 1947?-1952?
New York Bargain Store Railroad Avenue, below Willow Street B. Goldstein, Prop. 1913
Nick Rollinger, Painter and Decorator Gatzmer Avenue 1948
Nisonoff's Market E. Railroad Avenue 1-0237 1926-1948
O. Chaitin's, Clothing, Dry Goods, Millinery, and Human Hair Goods Railroad Avenue, Between Augusta and Vine Streets 1913
Oliver L. E. Soden Real Estate & General Insurance W. Railroad Avenue 1-0001 Oliver L. E. Soden 1929-present
Palmer's Meat Market Railroad Avenue Lester J. Palmer, Prop. 1925
Park Tavern Lincoln Avenue 1-0279 Mrs. Veronica Yesaitis, Prop. 1948-present
Paxton & Buckelew, Dry Goods, Dress Goods Upper Jamesburg Paxton and Buckelew 1892
Paxton & Co. Upper Jamesburg 1896
Peach Nursery George A. Shultz 1872-1892?
Perrine & Buckelew Incorporated Gatzmer Avenue 39, 4 1913
Perrine & Buckelew Lumber Co. Gatzmer Avenue 1-0040, 1-0041 1866-1926?
Perrine's Confectionery 63 E. Railroad Avenue 1-0211, 278 1945-1951
Perrine's Garage, Inc. Railroad Avenue Wm. Perrine, Fred Perrine 1930?-1990?
Perrine's Pontiac Inc.  200 Buckelew Avenue 1-0107 1948
Perrine's Wine and Liquor Store 211 1945
Peter P. Bennett Popular Grocer Below the First National Bank 1913
Pine Tree Farm 19F3 1913
Pineland Incubator and Brooder Company 1893-1903
Piorkowski Grocery Store and Taxi Service Gatzmer Avenue 1-0203 1951
Popular Milliner Corner of Stockton and Sheridan Streets Jennie E. Bayles 1913
Quality Bakery E. Railroad Avenue 1-0056 Edward Mendoker, Prop. 1932-present
Quick Lunch and Ice Cream Parlors Scarlett Building Mrs. J. M. Danser, Prop. 1895
R. & S. Radio 29 Lincoln Avenue 1-0083 E. Rabbe, R. Sabatino 1951
R. G. Davison Concrete Products West Railroad Avenue and Front Street 77 1925
Raritan Valley Farms, Inc. W. Railroad Avenue 1-0471-J Ed Yanek, Distributor 1951
Reach Sporting Goods Hooker Street Miss Margaretha M. Lange 1913
Red & Black Auto Wreckers Lincoln Avenue 1-0171 1948-present
Red Front Grocery Next to Drug Store Martin F. Kelly, Richard Lewis, Jr. 1896
Reid & Clark, Car Dealer 9 1913
Reid Brothers, Body and Fender Service 1-0004, 1-0139 1948
Robbins' Fire Proof & Steam Heated Garage Next to First National Bank, Lower Jamesburg 18-M 1913
Robert M. Cole, Carpenter and Builder Robert M. Cole 1896
Rose's Beauty Shop 138 1945
Route's Auto Body and Fender Works Lincoln Avenue  1-9856 1951
Sam Tuminaro, Macarioni, Groceries and Tinware Helmetta Road, East end Sedgwick Street 1913
Samuel Marryott, Justice of Peace, Collection Agent Samuel Marryott 1892
Shapanka Dress Co. Hooker Street 1948
Shapanka's Express Buckelew Avenue 1948
Shavinsky's Department Store 1-0399W 1948
Southgate Pharmacy Railroad Avenue & Willow Street 1945
Spezio's Market W. Railroad Avenue 1-0216 1926-1948
Star Theatre W. Railroad Avenue 1-0368 1948
Stardust Soda Shoppe Star Theatre Building, West Railroad Avenue 1-0356, 1-9854 John Meyer, Prop. 1948
Stonaker & Harvey, Wholesale Dealers in Grain, Flour, Hay and Feed 67 H. C. Stonaker and J. E. Harvey 1925
The Center Department Store E. Railroad Avenue JA-0543
The Ferris Seed Company East Railroad Avenue 167 1945
The First National Bank of Jamesburg Buckelew Avenue, later West Railroad Avenue James Buckelew 1913
The Frank B. Jolly Printing Co. 1913
The Friendly Liquor Store 63A E. Railroad Avenue 1-0559 S. "Tom" Berkowitz 1951
The Jamesburg Bakery Willow Street Fred Nodocker
The Jamesburg Garage W. H. Quackenbush, Manager 1913
The People's Meat Market Willow Street 15-W Cornelius Mount, Prop. 1881-1913?
The R. Lewis Furniture Company West Railroad Avenue R. Lewis 1909
The Red Front Cash Grocery R. Lewis, Jr., Prop. Late 1800s
Tilton's Sea Food Railroad Avenue 1-0087 O. V. Tilton 1945-1948
Tom's Liquor Store Hooker Street 1-0088 1951
Tucker Sales and Services E. Railroad Avenue 1-0126 Gabriel & Christine 1948
Van Dyke & Conover Lumber Co. 7-M 1913
Van Liew Motors Inc. Lincoln Avenue 1-0260 1951
Walker's Confectionery E. Railroad Avenue 1-0278 1947?-1948?
Wally's Photo Shop West Railroad Avenue 1945
Websters Grocery Buckelew Avenue
Weinraub's Drug Store E. Railroad Avenue 1-0198, 1-0240 S. Weinraub, PhG 1945-1948
Will H. Baum Studio of Music Gatzmer Avenue Will H. Baum 1926
William H. Brooks, Fire Insurance William H. Brooks 1913?-1926?
William H. Courter, Insurance William H. Courter 1892
William R. Dey, Taxi Service Gatzmer Avenue 27 William R. Dey 1926
WM. E. Paxton, Justice of Peace and Commissoner of Deeds 1913