Jamesburg Floods

July 17, 2005

Within a matter of three hours, Jamesburg was underwater! On July 17, 2005, approximately 7 to 8 inches of rain fell in Jamesburg in a matter of twenty minutes. Flooded areas included West Railroad Avenue, East Church Street, Pergola Avenue, Willow Street, Forsgate Drive, and Gatmzer Avenue. Jamesburg made the news on Channel 2, 4, 7, Fox, Telemundo47, UPN 9, NJ 101.5, and News 12 NJ! This was a most unique and tragic event for the Jamesburg community to experience. Never before in history has a flood of this capacity devestated Jamesburg. Roughly 75 to 100 families were evacuated from their homes and housed at the John F. Kennedy Elementary School. The Jamesburg Network wishes all those affected the best in recovery and a large thank you goes out to the various fire, police, and first aid units that responded. Some seen include Old Bridge, Englishtown, Edison, Plainsboro, North Brunswick, and of course the Red Cross for helping victims by setting up a command post at the JFK Elementary School. As of July 16, 2005, Forsgate Drive from Perrineville Road to East Railroad Avenue (CR 522), will be closed until the large sinkhole and subsequent damage can be repaired. The county estimate was "a while, until the engineers can figure out what to do."

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Flooded West Railroad Avenue DiBrizzi's underwater

Flooded West Railroad Avenue Flooded West Railroad Avenue

Thanks to Tiffany Hladinec of Monroe Township for these photos!

Intersection of Forsgate Drive and Perrineville Road Looking from Prospect Street to Forsgate Drive

Jamesburg Gulf A rescue boat crossing Forsgate Drive

Thanks to Jennifer Brunner of Jamesburg for these photos!

A backyard on Sheridan Street Sheridan Street

Thanks to Noreen Braman of Jamesburg for these photos!
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